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bit.ly/NudeCreationsDotCom-FanPage *** My FACEBOOK Fan Club

http://bit.ly/NudeCreationsDotCom-FanPage (FACEBOOK fan club 4 my nude photos). Over 500 fans, and counting! :-)

BEFORE YOU ASK: The lady in the second photo (below) is not my wife or girlfriend. She's just one of my best nudist friends who was kind enough to pose for my camera.

Click on my ↑ "PORTRAIT OF SANDY" ↑ to read "Nudist Superhero", my inspirational tribute to her.

"Most" of my nudes are self-portraits, although a few of my friends also appear. Sandy is the only female I've had pose for my camera, so far. If you are female and would like to pose nude, let me know. I'm not looking for male models -- I already have men I can ask. Anyway, "generally," my male nudes are self-portraits.

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