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The first half of the video is the actual footage of my boner deflating. The second half is a simple reversing of video direction to simulate my penis going from semi-flaccid to erect. Deflation and inflation footage each take 2 min, 39.5 seconds. That's real time. At least that's real time for the deflation, since the inflation was a simple reversing of video direction.

I may, at some point, do a sped up "time lapse" edit of this video. If I do, I'll simply add it within this post, so you'll be able to watch the long and short versions in the same place. Don't hold your breath though. I am a Pr.D. (Doctor of Procrastination).

Eventually I'd like to do a filming from deflated flaccid to erect inflation that is "spontaneous and unaided", without having to do the reverse video direction trick. That's more of a challenge.

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