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This is a nude self-portrait. Instead of tripod and timer, I used filing cabinet and timer ;-)

For my nude self-portraits, sometimes I use tripod and timer, and other times I use volunteer, uncredited ghost photographers to make the shots easier. Then I pick the best shots and spend time Photoshopping the best. With my writings ( http://TadCreations.com ) I pretty much share everything eventually. With my photography, I'm a lot more selective, because I spend a lot more time editing each image with cropping and with my various ownership labels. I wouldn't waste my time editing something I wasn't happy with. Like I said, with my writing, I share everything, because I've sometimes had people tell me they really like a particular poem, which amazes me, because I wasn't all that confident in it. So, after the postitive feedback, my opinion on my own work often changes. With photos, I'm often more selective, not putting everything out there, because photos take up a lot more computer memory than poems.

Hmmm. I just thought, if no one reads this, perhaps the photo above is an illustration of this "IMAGINARY CONVERSATION" ;-)

It's not that often I get to see my own bum in real life. As you've probably noticed, most of my photography focuses on my penis, personally my favourite of my body parts.

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