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Dear Earthlings,

Being the son of a pastor, I've moved around quite a bit, having lived all over Canada and the U.S. However, I am now happily and permanently settled back in the province of Ontario, Canada. Really, I never plan to leave the province's borders. There's enough in Ontario for a lifetime. Any further travels will be by way of DVD ;-)

I'm the only nudist in my family (that I know of). I think God threw me in the mix to make the family more interesting. Not that it was boring before. It's a great family, and I wouldn't trade it for any other.

The province of Ontario allows topfreedom for women wherever it's legal for men. Outside of nudist environments and events, though, I've never seen a topfree female in public. I thought I did once, and was really excited, until she got closer, and I noticed she was just wearing a flesh-coloured top ;-)

There are lots of nudist environments and events, though, in southern Ontario, where I am. Not in my city of Guelph, but there are plenty nearby.

I've been to three of the nudist resorts within an hour of Toronto.

I was a member of http://TheFourSeasons.com for a couple of years but cancelled my membership because I didn't go enough to make it worth it, and I couldn't afford it. It is the closest to me and basically a straight line when driving to it, but I don't drive.

I felt the most welcome and the most comfortable at http://PonderosaResort.ca

My best nudist friend Sandy
is the customer service manager at

I also occasionally attend organized nudist swims at indoor public pools in the Greater Toronto Area. I do this with Sandy's group http://nnbares.fcn.ca and with http://orbToronto.org

Generally, though, I'm don't get out very often to nudist events or environments. I'm on Disability pensions for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. With the OCD, I have a hard enough time leaving my apartment, let alone leaving my city. So, I'm mostly a home nudist, although I share my nude self-portraits (from mild to wild) on my http://NudeCreations.com website. And I spend my whole life naked. Except for going out once a day for about 3 hours, I'm home naked 21/7. My home "is" my nudist resort, so I remain naked, whether or not my guests are. My home is my nudist sanctuary. My home; my rules.

Nakedly yours, as usual,

Tad (JTK.CA)
Guelph (pronounced "Gwelf"), Ontario, Canada, eh? 

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