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"MORNING SURPRISE (Self-Portrait)" ::: © JTK.CA

I am SOLOSEXUAL. All orientations turn me on, and I love to watch and imagine, but I don't even like sticking my hand in the same bag of potato chips as someone else. That's why "I" am my only sex partner. Also, relationships are hard work, and I hate hard work. :o) ♥

"MORNING SURPRISE (Self-Portrait)" © Tad "JTK.CA" NudistPoet (NudeCreations.com) ::: That’s how I often wake up. And to make it more authentic, I took off my glasses, which I always wear. I’m extremely near-sighted, and so are you, at the moment! ;-) ♥


Anonymous said...

;-) I really like your morning surprise!!

JTK.CA@TadCreations.com said...

Thanks! So do I...quite often, actually ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sexy and funny, that's quite a combo. You have a lovely erection btw.

JTK.CA@TadCreations.com said...

Thanks! :-)

Alan said...

good to see a naturist not afraid to show erections i am the same , and us males all get a morning glory :)

Anonymous said...


JTK.CA@TadCreations.com said...

Thanks Mandy! Love, Tad.

Kev said...

Erections are just a normal occurance, you look terrrific, cool blog. :)

JTK.CA@TadCreations.com said...

Thanks, Kev, for your encouragement! :) <3