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I'm a single male. It isn't easy. Basically, I'm a virgin, except for some experimental homosexual touching with other boys my age in my early teens. I've always wanted to heterosexually marry a woman, but I've gotten the "Let's just be friends" line so many times that I'm becoming more content with singlehood. The only problem is, for religious and personal reasons, I'm celibate till marriage. I don't want kids, so, at least, the celibacy has helped. Christianity today has trouble with honesty, and honestly I'm a single Christian who copes with my sexual needs by masturbating to pornography. That's my spiritual battlefield. How's that for honesty? Did you even realize that single Christians still have sexual needs? To deny it is sin, because God is the God of Truth.

I don't want to be sexually intimate with someone without emotional intimacy, simply because I know my emotional limits. Being denied the prospect of emotional intimacy with someone is painful enough; I know from experience, many times over. Therefore, I'd rather not experience being denied sexual intimacy after already having had it with someone. I'll wait till marriage. I once told a girl I didn't even believe in French kissing until marriage. She responded, "Wow! You're going to be a nymphomaniac!" I said, "You bet ya' honey!" If someone wants to be physically sexual with me, she has a simple solution. She can ask me to marry her. And I'm one who believes in short engagements, preferably a day or so, because if I agree to her proposal, I'm taking her to the justice of the peace right away, before she has a chance to change her mind.

And if I don't accept her marriage proposal, maybe it's just my turn to say, "Let's just be friends." Revenge is sweet ;-)

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