About TAD


Ten things I have done naked. One of them is a lie, in a trick question sort of way. Have a guess which one:

1. Bowling.
2. Had conversation with police in a city park without getting arrested.
3. Posed for nude self-portrait photographs on a public Toronto beach for my http://NudeCreations.com website.
4. Swimming.
5. Performed in a talent show.
6. Posed for a photographer other than myself (not including my ghost photographer{s} who I sometimes use instead of tripod & timer).
7. Spent 21 hours a day, 7 days a week, naked in my apartment, and sometimes my parents' home.
8. Surprised guests in my home by being naked, when they should not have been surprised.
9. Visited nudist resorts.
10. Discovered my nude self-portrait photograph of my penis had been stolen from a Valparaiso University art gallery.

I'll wait one day and then give you the answer. Guess away! ;) <3 Remember, it's the naked thing I have NOT done, and I know that's scary. ;) <3 

#4. Swimming. I have been to several nude swims with http://gtaSkinnydippers.ca, but I cannot swim. I stay in the shallow end.

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