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Even though the mirror is a flat plane, it still paradoxically has depth. You can prove this by using low depth of field with a manual focus camera. You can actually focus on various sections of the reflection, even though it's actually a flat surface.

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Besides my labelling, there have been no alterations to my nude self-portrait "REFLECTIONS." It's exactly what the camera saw. I believe I used two full-length mirrors since the mirror frames on the left and the right are not parallel. In other words, I think BOTH front and back versions of me are reflections. However, if I'm wrong, perhaps the "mirror frame" on the right of the image is just a door jam. But I don't think that's the case. I am pretty sure that I used the two full-length mirrors, just to make the image more complex and confusing. I like the facts that "you do not know where the light is coming from" and "you do not quite know what is reflection and what is reality or if both front and back views are separate reflections."

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My nude self-portrait "NAKED PHOTONS" photographic print was scanned using 256 colours instead of millions. I like the effect, creating bands of light within light.

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In the images above, the fact that the nudes are actually reflections is apparent (with the mirror frames showing within the photos). However, despite how well-known the nude self-portrait (below) is, this may be the first time I've revealed that this entire nude was taken in the mirror. So, that is not really my penis, but a reflection of it ;-)

If I think of or create any other nudes taken using mirrors, I may add them to this individual blog entry, with their reflective descriptions. Don't hold your breath, though; since I have a Pr.D. (Doctor of Procrastination).

ALL of my nudes are available for viewing at http://NudeCreations.com my official NAKED Blog.

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